The Gift of Pains (3): The Necessity of the Gift

You may have had unfair things happen to you, but the depth of your pain is just an indication of the height of your future ~ Joel Osteen

From the previous posts, it is clear that pain is hurtful and it affects the whole system of man but we have seen so far that the gift of pain must not be avoided or rejected because anyone that avoids such a gift today, cannot avoid the consequence tomorrow. For example, anyone that avoids the pains and cost of his education today will face the consequences of ignorance later in his or life. Then, if pain is so unavoidable, we must face it squarely when it comes.

If you face the pain now, you will enjoy the gain later

The gift of Pains comes to us at a point or the other in life but it our attitude that determines what we can bring out of it. We have seen the attitude of Joseph and several notable men and people of influence in our contemporary time, they all have something to say about their gifts of pains and how they were able to embrace it and the outcome of such experience is very clear for all to see.

On the other hands, minions also spread all over the earth with the share of their pie of pains and regrets due to their refusal to embrace the gift of pain meant for their journey in life.   Indeed, the reality is that people go through more pain while trying to avoid pains of necessity!

Many people believe that everything that is pleasurable in life must come by the way pleasure, and this made them to constantly search for every way to short-circuit the process of their pains but the real thing is that there is no short cut to the top of a tree than to begin from its bottom.

The Connecting Bridge

The summary of life’s events is that the gift of pain is real and for anyone to cross over to his desired haven in life, there is a bridge to cross and that is where the gift of pain is located. Many people got to this bridge and turned back as seeing in the case of the Israelite who were very close to entering into the Promised Land but they feared, the appearance of the giants (the contents in the gift of pain presented to them), they murmured and perish in the wilderness. But the quote from Williams Shakespeare is worthy of note, he said, pain pays the income of every precious thing.

Pain pays the income of every precious thing ~ William Shakespeare

Pain is an experience that is not friendly to man but it is what connects to the pleasures of life. Moments of pains could be described as when one is stuck in the valley of suffering and such a moment is never desirable but they are necessary and unavoidable as Marquis de Sade mentioned that it is by way of pain that one arrives at pleasure.

There is a generation of people who want to arrive at the destination of pleasure without going through pain that heralds it. However, we must know that the pain of necessity is not a pain that was inflicted on you as a result of an error or misdeed or that comes as a result of cause and effect but it comes as something that one must go through and grow through.

Always remember that anything that you want and that is valuable to you requires you to break through a short-term pain in order to gain a long-term pleasure but those who reject the short-term pain, will enter fully into their long-term suffering, time will tell.

You must break through the short-term pain to access the long-term gain

Do you experience a sort of pain presently, in your studies, your business, career, ministry, etc. it is not a moment for you to quit but to press further because quitters cannot win and winners cannot quit. Joel Osteen mentioned that you may have had unfair things happen to you, but the depth of your pain is an indication of the height of your future. Therefore, instead of rejecting the gift of pain, gladly embrace it and grow through it, it will certainly deliver its treasures to you.

The joyful thing about life is that after the rain, the sun will reappear and at the end of the tunnel there are beams of light, then after the pain, the you will still appear because weeping of pain only endures for a night, the dawn of joy is on its way.

The pain you experience in life should not make you look down on your self or make you look backward and lose sight of your tomorrow.