The Gift of Pain (2)

If indeed, there is no crown without thorn and there is no gain without pain, then necessarily when these pains come they should be embraced and not rejected because fleeing from such a pain is fleeing from the benefits, blessings and gains that is accompanying it.

Behind every beautiful thing there is a kind of pain ~ Bob Dylan

Contrasting nature of pains and gains

Unarguably, without pain there can be no gain and it is the distasteful nature of pain that is meant to produce the tasteful nature of gains and it is certain that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The contrasting nature of pain and gain is what makes them attractive or repelling but we must look beyond the nature of pain to the gain that it will bring eventually. It can be seeing that while pain is hurtful, gain is helpful; while pain unpleasant, gain is pleasant and welcoming; while pain is unfriendly the gains that it brings is enjoyable, needed and good to us.

When these contrasting views are carefully considered, it can be concluded that the gains of pains are always greater than hurtful nature of the pain. Hence, when pain comes to us as a gift there may be a demand that we embrace it, especially if it comes from the heart that meant the good for us.


Embracing the Gift of Pain

The world, from time immemorial, is filled with the chronicles of people who embraced the gift of pains and the outcome of their resolutions. These men did not just arrive at the platform of glory and gains without the story of pain that accompanied their journeys; they all bore the scars that took them to their stardom in life and their professions.

Although the world is full of pains, it is also full of the outcome of it ~ Gains

Sometimes ago, a young man approached me  to have a moment with me. I quickly left what I was doing to give him the needed attention. In our conversation, he shared with me what he was going through; how it seems he was having terrible blows from all around him and he concluded that it was painful and hurtful. He finally mentioned his decision to quit.

That was when I came in. I let him know that many people never knew how close they were to their breakthrough when they quit because of a sort of pain that they encountered. I explain to him that the experience he was having was the gift of pain for him to embrace and grow through it. He must not sit confused, dejected and rejected through it because it is by the way of pain that one arrives at pleasure. I  concluded with him that if he will be patient with the painful process, the pain will be very useful to him. This is how we all receive the gift of pain at a point or the other in our lives and we are required to embrace it and grow through it.

The path of pains leads to pleasure

Joe and the Gains of his Pains

Joseph was a man who climbed to the platform of gains despite all the pains that raise their heads at him. I wonder what the life of that young man and beloved of his father would have been if he had not passed through the process of pains that necessitated his rising from obscurity to the platform of fame.

What could be more painful to be betrayed and sold at a giveaway price by his brothers who  he confidently share your dreams, visions, plans and deep secrets with. It could be very painful to be sold and sent away from the loving arms of his father into a strange land. It will be very painful to be disbelieved by a master that he has served faithfully and wholeheartedly and ensure smooth running of his businesses even in his absence but chose to listen to lies being told against him and the event landed him at the National Maximum Prison. It could also be very painful to be forgotten by a friend that he met in the prison and has promised heaven and earth to ensure his immediate release through his political influence, proving his innocence on the matter that he was accused of.


The experience of this young man continues. They bruised his feet with cruel chains or fetters and put his neck in iron collar. Literally, these are not friendly experiences but something energized and encouraged this young man through the pain, he refused to sit confused and embittered with this pains, rather he grew through it and discovered the treasure and the gains hidden in it.

Don’t just go through your pains, grow through it. That is where the gains lie

It got to a moment that the word set him free and he came to be in charge of all the resources of the land. Yet as a commander of the national officials, he was not resentful to his brethren that inflicted the pains on him earlier or those that ordered him to the prison. One of the thing that helped was the clear understanding of the nature of the pain and the focus on the gains that come with it. He operated the principle that if you fell sore today, you will get strong tomorrow.

The pain that you experience today is building in you the strength that you will express tomorrow

Sometimes we may need to be hurt in order to be helped and we may have to go so that we can grow. We may lose in order to gain, we may need to stoop to conquer and sometimes some lessons are best learnt through pains.

Therefore, if pain is a gift, instead of avoiding it we must learn to embrace it because without pain there will not be gain.

Tony Robbins said out of your deepest pain will come your greatest gifts but this can only come with clear understanding of what pains is. There is always a need for us to understand the gift of pains so that we can embrace it and not abscond from it.

Pain is a very precious gift, do not waste it ~ Martha Sngleterry