Lead to Next: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level (5)

You Can’t Do Great Things Alone!

Taking assignment God has committed to your hand to the next level depend on knowing, believing, understanding and accepting that you can’t do great things alone.

Great things comes out of great collaboration and partnership. 

This is the kind of spirit everyone who wants to make a significant difference in any organization must have. We must learn to uphold the philosophy of combining strengths.

Combining strengths of two makes for a powerful force. It is the way of getting things done beyond the ordinary. It is the power that can take every organization to the next level it ought to be.

The Idea of Collaboration is of God

God began the idea of partnership and collaboration at creation. He said it is not good for a man to be alone. He made an help meet for his needs. But the power which God wants to draw out of this idea would only be realized by the coming together of both man and woman to become one.

Great things happen when people come together to work as One.

There is so much power in understanding that you can’t do Great things alone. This force when it is fully understood and applied will take an organization to the next level.

How much of this force are we applying in the organization or mission we are serving presently?

Jesus demonstrates the supernatural power of the force of collaboration in the flesh and at His Glorified state. He established His Oneness with the Father, His dependence on the continued partnership with the Holy Spirit and collaboration with the Church as His Body.

Every wise leader uses the Force of Collaboration and Partnership to move an organization to the Next Level.

What are the Principles that Makes Collaborative Spirit Effective 

  1. Principle of Personal Boundaries

Collaborative spirit that makes great things possible begins when we all understand that we are not absolute in everything. Leaders who takes organizations to the next level have understanding of their personal boundaries in giftedness and abilities. This awareness makes them to appreciate the necessity of the roles of other co-labourers around them.

2. Principle of Expanded and Extended Reach

Collaborative spirit makes expansion easy and possible. Many organizations are limited presently because there is no collaboration that can facilitate expansion beyond the present reach. When Jesus commissioned His collaborative partners to begin at Jerusalem and expand to the uttermost part of the earth, He relied on the force of collaborative spirit.

3. Principle of Movement instead of Monument

Collaborative spirit is focused on one thing and that’s movement. Great things happen when no one is trying to build a name around self. This is movement. The motive behind monument is the selfish desire to seek great things for self. Movement seek great things for the Glory of God and the fulfillment of the vision of the organization.

4. Principle of Iron-Sharpening-Iron

Collaborative spirit that makes great things happen draws from one another, strengthens the assignment of one another and helps one another to stretch beyond what individual limits will go.

It is important to know that collaborative spirit thrives within an organization where right spirit is the rule. No organization will successfully move to the next where there is deception, hypocrisy, wrong spirit and lack of genuine love among the team. 

Here is the bottom line. When it comes to leadership, you can’t do great things alone and you can’t do great things without the right people.