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Lead to Next: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level (5)

You Can’t Do Great Things Alone!

Taking assignment God has committed to your hand to the next level depend on knowing, believing, understanding and accepting that you can’t do great things alone.

Great things comes out of great collaboration and partnership. 

This is the kind of spirit everyone who wants to make a significant difference in any organization must have. We must learn to uphold the philosophy of combining strengths.

Combining strengths of two makes for a powerful force. It is the way of getting things done beyond the ordinary. It is the power that can take every organization to the next level it ought to be.

The Idea of Collaboration is of God

God began the idea of partnership and collaboration at creation. He said it is not good for a man to be alone. He made an help meet for his needs. But the power which God wants to draw out of this idea would only be realized by the coming together of both man and woman to become one.

Great things happen when people come together to work as One.

There is so much power in understanding that you can’t do Great things alone. This force when it is fully understood and applied will take an organization to the next level.

How much of this force are we applying in the organization or mission we are serving presently?

Jesus demonstrates the supernatural power of the force of collaboration in the flesh and at His Glorified state. He established His Oneness with the Father, His dependence on the continued partnership with the Holy Spirit and collaboration with the Church as His Body.

Every wise leader uses the Force of Collaboration and Partnership to move an organization to the Next Level.

What are the Principles that Makes Collaborative Spirit Effective 

  1. Principle of Personal Boundaries

Collaborative spirit that makes great things possible begins when we all understand that we are not absolute in everything. Leaders who takes organizations to the next level have understanding of their personal boundaries in giftedness and abilities. This awareness makes them to appreciate the necessity of the roles of other co-labourers around them.

2. Principle of Expanded and Extended Reach

Collaborative spirit makes expansion easy and possible. Many organizations are limited presently because there is no collaboration that can facilitate expansion beyond the present reach. When Jesus commissioned His collaborative partners to begin at Jerusalem and expand to the uttermost part of the earth, He relied on the force of collaborative spirit.

3. Principle of Movement instead of Monument

Collaborative spirit is focused on one thing and that’s movement. Great things happen when no one is trying to build a name around self. This is movement. The motive behind monument is the selfish desire to seek great things for self. Movement seek great things for the Glory of God and the fulfillment of the vision of the organization.

4. Principle of Iron-Sharpening-Iron

Collaborative spirit that makes great things happen draws from one another, strengthens the assignment of one another and helps one another to stretch beyond what individual limits will go.

It is important to know that collaborative spirit thrives within an organization where right spirit is the rule. No organization will successfully move to the next where there is deception, hypocrisy, wrong spirit and lack of genuine love among the team. 

Here is the bottom line. When it comes to leadership, you can’t do great things alone and you can’t do great things without the right people.

RCBC, Soulwinner

Why You Must Be A Soulwinner

“As a Christian, I have no alternative. Christ lives IN ME, I am His Body. I must let Him win souls THROUGH ME.” 

During my Bible College days about eleven years ago, we normally have what we call Academic Devotion every morning before we would respond to every other College assignment for the day.

But on a particular Academic Devotion, something happened that completely changed my understanding of Why I’m a Christian.

It was a very simple but heart-cutting message preached by Pastor Joseph Babatunde Oduwole who is presently the National Coordinator of the House Fellowship in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

His text that very day was taken from Psalm 118:17 and he spoke about ‘Why God Left Us On the Earth After Saving Our Souls.’

Dwelling on Psalm 118:17, he made it clear that God could have taken us to Heaven immediately we got saved but our going to Heaven will be of little benefit to Him because He has works to still accomplish on earth.

So the purpose why God left us on the earth after saving our souls is to continue His works – The Works of Saving Others.

Personal Soul Winning is the Call of God which Rests Upon Every Christian on Earth – T.L Osborn

T.L Osborn says, “Soul winning is the one dedication which removes the Christian from the position of a Spectator. It makes the common layman the direct instrument of the Holy Ghost – It lifts him out of the gallery of being a ‘hearer of the word only.’ Suddenly he steps into the arena and becomes a Doer of the Word.”

I want to thank God for Pastor Oduwole’s teaching which the Holy Ghost used to make me understand that God left me on the earth after saving my soul in order to recruit me into the same work of saving others.

This is the purpose Jesus came to the world to do and He accomplished it.

First Timothy 1:15 says, “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation that Christ Jesus came into the World TO SAVE SINNERS.

So why should you be a Soul Winner?

Jesus Was a Soulwinner!

Jesus came to save sinners as His single mission on the earth according to Matthew 1:21.

He was dedicated to this single mission and gave His all for it. Jesus is the greatest Soulwinner the world has ever known.

You Must Be Like Jesus!

The greatest goal and the only thing a Christian must become is like Christ. That’s the reason we are Christians – “Christ-like.”

To be like Christ means He is doing in us what He did when He was around in the flesh. To be like Christ is to be a Soulwinner.

If we say we are like Christ and we are not winning sinners, we are not truly Christians.

Jesus Purpose Must Be Our Purpose!

It was said about the early followers of Jesus that they acted like Him. The Purpose for which Christ lived, died and resurrected became their own purpose for living.

They had no other purpose apart from their commitment to witnessing.

Soulwinning, discipleship and Leadership
“Share Christ with sinners. There’s a knowledge of Jesus Christ – a depth – which you can never know till you share Him.”

Each of them as a believer was a witness. Everywhere in the markets, in the streets, in houses, around the public wells, they were talking, reasoning, witnessing, convincing, preaching, winning souls, compelling sinners to believe the Gospel just like Jesus did.

His Purpose became their Purpose for Living.

Matthew 18:11HCSB says, “For the Son of Man has come to save the Lost.”

This is the purpose that brought Jesus to the earth. He came from Heaven to come and save the lost. How did He go about this? He became a Searcher and Seeker.

He took the pains of searching to save the lost as His purpose. We must understand this as our own purpose as well. The purpose of Christ must become our purpose for living just as it was for the early Disciples.

Discipleship is the Making of Soulwinners

Soulwinning and Discipleship are inseparable. There cannot be Discipleship without Soulwinning and Soulwinning becomes useless without Discipleship.

Soulwinning is geared towards making Disciples who will be able to win more Souls for Christ.

The Goal of Discipleship

As we lay emphasis on discipleship in the Kingdom, we must know the end to which we have been called in the task of discipleship. The single goal of discipleship is for a disciple to be like his Master.

See what Jesus said in Matthew 10:24-25a, “The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord.”

Every disciple must become like his master in Character and Commission. 

So, our commitment to discipleship must produce Christians who are like Christ in Character and in Commitment to His Mission.

When a disciple of Christ is not a Co-Partner in the mission of his master, something is wrong with his claim about carrying the character of the master.

Likewise, if we as Christians claim to be like Christ but takes His mission of Saving the Lost for granted, we are only deceiving ourselves. We are not His disciples.

This is why we must be Soulwinners.

We are to be like Our Master Jesus Christ in Character and Commission because the Eternal destinies of all people rest upon this and the fulfillment of His purpose for our lives also hangs on this.

Let us arise to our purpose.

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to release the fire of the mission of Christ and set it ablaze in our hearts.

We must be Soulwinners at all cost because that’s what we live and breathe for: to radically and unreservedly go after the lost not by our own power but through the Power of the Holy Spirit that has been made available to us.

Just like one of my mentors said, “We resolved to spend ourselves every day telling the Gospel to every person whom we could reach.”

Will you and I make the same RESOLVE?

The time is NOW!

Leadership Development

Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (2)

“Keep Stretching to the Next Level.”

In the last article, we emphasized the need for leaders who will lead their organizations or team to the next level to first learn how to first answer one of the most important questions that I called ‘What For?’

No matter the level I lead, I have learnt to ask myself the What For question. What am I here for? What is the organization created for? What For is very important in helping a leader lead to next level.

So many organizations and ministries have lost direction, momentum, purpose and impact because the What For question is no longer the driving factor.

You can read the last article here

But after the question of What For is properly addressed, the next important question is What Next?

The What Next question will be determined by the values that guides the What For of the organization.

Your impact as a leader in an organization is determined by your diligence and commitment in taking the organization to the next level based on what the organization stands for.

Sometimes, leaders measure progress wrongly. Whenever we measure our progress based on anything different from our values, vision and mission, we have really not made progress.

The Next Level of your organization will be different from the next level of another organization.

For instance, if you run educational service the next level of your Education Centre may be quality education. When it looks as if you don’t have number of students like other institutions that focus on quantity, you are not underperforming.

The common mistake most organizations make is not focusing on what defines their own next level.

Success in leadership cannot be measured through the performance or speed of others. Your success is found in how well you are accomplishing the reason why you or your organization exists.

Let me share the Values Required to Lead Your Organization to the Next Level.

1 Maximized Purpose

You cannot be a leader who lead to next if you don’t maximize your purpose at the present stage you are. Many times we desire the next when we have not fully utilized the present. Leading to the next level requires that you have diligently maximized your purpose in your present level.

2. Next Level Thinking

It is easy to be limited and get trapped in your thinking except you deliberately become a person with next level thinking. I have discovered that leadership requires high level of thinking or leveraging on high level of other people’s thinking.

One of the Scriptures I have carried inside me over the years in my leadership journey is Isaiah 55:9 where God says “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

There is an important leadership lesson. God does not Think at Our Level. He thinks at His level.

Every leader must think like a leader.

Your impact as a leader cannot be greater than the level of your thinking.

“Creating the next level of results requires the next level of thinking” – Rory Vaden

3. Ability to End Things

Many of us struggle with next level because we have not learnt the discipline of ending things. We start reading a book and stop without ending it. We enter into relationships that can positively transform our lives and suddenly quit without allowing the fullness of time to birth the purpose of the relationship. We start a discipline and stop half way because we lack the value that end things.

If we must become leaders who lead to next, we must develop the ability to end things completely and correctly.

Henry Cloud once said, “Getting to the next level always requires ending something, leaving it behind, and moving on. Without the ability to end things, people stay stuck, never becoming who they are meant to be, never accomplishing all that their talents and abilities should afford them.”

4. Initiative Drive

One of the values that leaders who lead to the next have is initiative to drive things. Leaders must be self starters. We must always pray, research, think about what we can do to move to the next level. But whatever the level of our prayer, thinking or planning is, we need the initiative drive to take the first step and another and another.

Great Leaders are known by their initiative drive to take steps towards the next level.

5. Separation Power

There is a need to separate from certain things, places or people if we really want to go to the next level. We need separation power. The power to let some people, habits, lifestyles and attitudes go so that we can go to the next level.

These values have proved to be indispensable for leaders who will take themselves or their organizations to the next level.

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Following God's Leading

What it Means to Follow God’s Leading

Far too many people don’t take following God’s leading in their lives seriously.

When it comes to Christian Living, God’s leading is everything. It helps us get our lives right and to the right end.

In every aspect, God’s leading is the most important thing required for a successful Christian life.

God’s leading determines what’s according to His will for our lives and help determine a glorious outcome.

How many times we could have taken steps and enters into what is capable of ruining our lives except for the help and intervention of God’s leading?

Until we value God, you won’t value His leading. Until you value His leading, you will not know how absolutely everything about your life depends on it.

Every day, we have the best opportunity to live a fulfilled and victorious life if we value the leading of God.

By following God’s leading, we open our lives to His best for us. Exactly. That’s what following God’s leading accomplishes. It qualifies us for God’s best.

Following God’s leading can be costly. It comes with a price. But what we exchange for that price is priceless.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to come across different people who I discovered were negligent about following God’s leading – in their personal lives, marriage, career and ministry. They would not listen to anything God has laid down as regards various aspects of living.

One testimony I have about these people is that they always cut themselves in the leg. I have never seen them lived wonderful, peaceful, victorious and overcoming lives that Christians are ordained to have.

In the other way, I have seen those who have followed God’s leading concerning their lives remain progressive in the life worth living.

You will never experience your best life without following God’s leading.

Refusal to Follow God’s Leading Catches Up With You!

Every time we refuse to follow God’s leading due to any reason or the other, we surrender ourselves to a life of defeat and struggle.

In fact for young people, it is far better to have settled this matter earlier than to be looking for ways to make it up when you reach adulthood stage.

Those who follow God’s leading from their youthful days have set themselves for a great future that no education on this earth can surpass.

Life is full of enormous pressures. Only those who submit themselves to following God’s leading can remain undefeated.

What Does God’s Leading Entails?

  1. Follow After God

Many people don’t understand the principle of following God’s leading. The first matter is to take the position of a follower, not the leader!

Those who follow God’s leading don’t go ahead of God. They follow after Him ( Exodus 13:21).

2. Follow After the Sent One of God

Following God’s leading is about following the One He has Sent and Approved for everyone to follow. Jesus is the Only One who qualifies for this. He was sent and approved by God for our followership. Anyone who follow Jesus is absolutely following God (John 14:6, Revelation 7:17).

3. Follow ONLY God’s Leading

Many people have adulterated the principle of following God’s leading. They don’t allow God alone to lead them. They follow God’s leading when they desire and other things at the same time.

But the principle of following God’s leading is that there must not be strange god with us as we follow God (Deuteronomy 32:12).

4. Follow by Discipline

Only the disciplined Christian will successfully follow God’s leading. That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14 that only few people respond to the way of God’s leading. Why? The price entails discipline.

5. Follow Willingly

God will never lead the stubborn. He leads only the humble.

When it comes to God’s leading, Jesus takes the identity of the Lamb, not the Lion (Revelation 7:17).

Choose God’s Leading from Today!

Have you been following God’s leading in your life? If you are not, you have been missing out in the best that God has prepared for you.

The Holy Spirit is calling you today.

The Spirit of the Lord and His Word are His basic tools. If you respond to start following His leading from today, it will not just change your life here. It is going to make an eternal positive difference in every aspect of your life.

Leadership, Make the Leader, Organizational Development

Lead to Next: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level


The value of the end of your leadership is determined by the value that starts it.
I studied Computer Science and graduated with the hope that one day, I would be fully functioning in the field of CS.

But, I realized later that God took me through the course in order to function fully in the field of Leadership Art and Science, by the application of certain knowledge of CS.

One of the most important assignments of a leader is to lead an organization or the team to the next level.

A good leader is not expected to leave an organization as he met it or even worse.

Leaders are called to Lead to Next.

In Computer Science, there is a Basic Programming Course that has Control Structures called ‘FOR…NEXT.’

The FOR…NEXT syntax gives a variable starting value and ending value, with its increment on each pass of the process.

This basic process simply focus on a single task under a flow of control before moving to next counter.

FOR…NEXT is not only required in basic computer programming. It is a leadership syntax required for leading any organization or ministry to her next.

The question that is common whenever leaders finish a task or accomplish something worthwhile is what next?

Leadership structure requires understanding two important things.

1.  What For?

2. What Next?

If you lead an organization, success begins with WHAT FOR?

This simple understanding in leadership determines the starting value and ending value.

Every successful leader knows this basic syntax. The value of the end of your leadership is determined by the value that starts it.

For instance, every decision requires a starting value and ending value.

If the ending value is not greater than the starting value, it may affect what is needed to move up to the next.

So many organizations are stagnant because the variable values are not established in a way that what starts will end or end well, in order to be positioned for the next.

Leaders are responsible for this important process and how they respond to this determines the kind of leaders they become and how far they can take the organizations they lead.

We will consider the value required to take your organization to the next by next week.

Please note that MAKE THE LEADER Articles and Podcasts are released every Monday. The mission is to Make Leaders Who Make Other Leaders.

Article Originally Written and Published by Benjamin Suulola


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