Power of Prophetic Declaration


Prophetic declaration is a powerful force that can move your life to the next level that you desire. But it cannot be real to you except you understand its operations.

Prophetic has a dimension you need to be aware of. Truly, prophets operates under the influence of the Holy Spirit. They speak what they hear from the Lord or what they have been inspired to say. But you don’t need to have the gift of prophecy before you can engage prophetic declaration.

The force of prophetic declaration can be applied when you discover the revelation in God’s word and your mouth becomes a channel by which you speak it out by faith.

Understanding the Force of Prophetic Declaration

When you have the understanding of how to engage prophetic declaration, it becomes real to your life. Meanwhile, to operate in the supernatural is to operate above the natural, you operate in the realm that the natural cannot understand when you declare God’s word under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

     Force of Prophetic Declaration can therefore be defined as the way God supernaturally intervenes in the affairs of life when we speak as He commands.


How to Become a Spiritual Commander


Let me explain further. Sometime ago, the Lord spoke to me about the issue of command. To command simply means to order, exercise supreme authority over a particular situation just as it is done in military. Command also means to demand, to have within sight, range, influence or control.

So, command is about setting in motion a sequence of operations by giving out an order. In other words, command is not carried out until it is spoken or given out. Every time you speak as you are commanded by God you become a commander. You act in delegated authority on behalf of God.


From Dry bones to an Exceedingly Great Army

God’s word is God’s command. When you give it out under the influence of the Spirit of God, it becomes a force that set things in motion for you.  From the story in Ezekiel 37:1-14, we can see that no matter how bad a situation is, it takes a prophetic declaration by faith under the influence of the Holy Spirit to turn it around for good.

When the spirit of God moves you to speak, you operate in the prophetic.

Our lives are tied to our mouths. Whatever comes out of our mouth determines what comes out of our lives. All we have experienced so far is the product of what we have declared concerning our lives so far.

Speaking positive confessions by speaking the promises in God’s word will change your life and move your destiny to the next level.