Lead to Next: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level


The value of the end of your leadership is determined by the value that starts it.
I studied Computer Science and graduated with the hope that one day, I would be fully functioning in the field of CS.

But, I realized later that God took me through the course in order to function fully in the field of Leadership Art and Science, by the application of certain knowledge of CS.

One of the most important assignments of a leader is to lead an organization or the team to the next level.

A good leader is not expected to leave an organization as he met it or even worse.

Leaders are called to Lead to Next.

In Computer Science, there is a Basic Programming Course that has Control Structures called ‘FOR…NEXT.’

The FOR…NEXT syntax gives a variable starting value and ending value, with its increment on each pass of the process.

This basic process simply focus on a single task under a flow of control before moving to next counter.

FOR…NEXT is not only required in basic computer programming. It is a leadership syntax required for leading any organization or ministry to her next.

The question that is common whenever leaders finish a task or accomplish something worthwhile is what next?

Leadership structure requires understanding two important things.

1.  What For?

2. What Next?

If you lead an organization, success begins with WHAT FOR?

This simple understanding in leadership determines the starting value and ending value.

Every successful leader knows this basic syntax. The value of the end of your leadership is determined by the value that starts it.

For instance, every decision requires a starting value and ending value.

If the ending value is not greater than the starting value, it may affect what is needed to move up to the next.


So many organizations are stagnant because the variable values are not established in a way that what starts will end or end well, in order to be positioned for the next.

Leaders are responsible for this important process and how they respond to this determines the kind of leaders they become and how far they can take the organizations they lead.

We will consider the value required to take your organization to the next by next week.

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Article Originally Written and Published by Benjamin Suulola


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