Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (4)

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Everything is Made Strong from the Inside Out

We are in the fourth part of the series Lead to Next. I will be dealing with the matter of taking your organization to the next level by leveraging on the Strength from Your Inside. I believe this will apply not only to those who lead organizations but also to every other aspect of our lives.

Everything is Made Strong from the Inside Out

This is the law that upholds everything both in life and leadership. It is important to understand this law if we are going to be people who takes who we are and what we do to the next level.

Let’s look at the things that surround this important law in the light of Leading an Organization to the Next Level.

  1. The Leader Must Be Strong from the Inside Out

If you are a leader, your strength should not be defined by your outward appearance. It must come from your inside. Strong leaders are not people who can just talk or appear tough. They are people who are tough in principle, thinking, values and character.

As much as our appearance speaks volume about us, it should not be used to measure the capacity of our strength.

The leaders who will lead and take their organizations to the next level are strengthened in their inner man.

They have strong appearance from the inside out. Their strength flows from within. They have built their inner lives beyond what external pressures can control and crush. They have the power to stand against adversities and the power to advance in the face of pressures.

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How do you become someone who is strong from the inside out?

It is by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The Power of the Holy Spirit is not about the manifestations of Him in the Church gathering. This power gives us strength from within and makes us strong from the inside out to carry out difficult tasks, do the extraordinary, face the pressures that comes with our assignment and enables us to become the Lead to Next Leaders.

Those who can pray for the grant of this power will be strengthened from within no matter what they need to face in leading their organization to the next level.

2. The Organization Must Be Strong From the Inside Out

Leaders must build their organizations from the inside out. In the bid to beat competitions or to attain greatness, there is always the tendency of building your organization from the outside. I will explain the difference between the two.

Those who build their organizations from the outside uses materials like programmes, packaging, slogans, solo leadership, hiring experts and many other external methods. But those who build their organizations from the inside build PEOPLE. They build other LEADERS. They focus on developing those who are inside and make them strong.

The issue about this is TIME. It takes time to develop, grow, transform and make new leaders. Those who don’t have a Bigger View cannot do this. They always resort to the first option that is easy but takes the organization no where.

The most important thing you can do to build your organization and to lead to the next level is to BUILD PEOPLE. Your People. This is how organizations become strong from the inside out.

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The two factors that I raised here are the strong examples that JESUS demonstrated and handed over to the Church as the way to Lead the Spiritual Organism, His Church to the next level.

  1. Jesus is strong from the Inside Out
  2. Jesus Builds the Church that is Strong from the Inside Out.

If we can approach our lives and leadership in the same way, nothing will stop us from leading to the next level that we ought to be.