Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (3)

Leadership is the business of how to turn ideas into reality

We are going to focus on some more deeper issues in the third part of this article on how you can become a Lead to Next Leader. If you have not read the first and second parts of this article, you can quickly do that now.

Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (Part 1) and (Part 2)

While I began to meditate and research more into what makes the Lead to Next Leaders, I discovered this quality makes a huge difference.

Leading your organization to the Next Level, whether in the Church, business or whatever profession you are engaged will require diligent commitment to mastering this quality.

The Quality of Learning the Business of Leadership

One of the reasons for ineffectiveness among many leaders is their lack of understanding of the business of their leadership. This understanding is important for you to become a leader who can lead your organization to the next level.

In Luke 2:49, Jesus shows us that leadership has its business dimension.

Leaders must be in the Business of their Leadership. That’s more important than any other thing a leader will later commit himself to.

The business of leadership here is not about sales or marketing. What Jesus describes as the business of leadership is the core of the assignment or the main thing about a leader’s assignment.

This is where a leader must always be and must often be found.

When apostle Paul described himself in Philippians 3:13 as a person of “One thing I do,” he was simply talking as a leader who understood the business of his leadership mandate.

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Do you know the business of your leadership?

If you are a departmental leader in a ministry or the organization where you serve presently, do you know the business of your leadership assignment?

When you look into the life of Jesus, He showed us an example that we must locate and study around the business of our leadership assignment. Jesus took out three days to SIT among the teachers, LISTENING to them, ASKING questions and providing ANSWERS.

If we are going to Learn the Business of our Leadership Assignment, we must take out time to also do these three things.





If we can’t pay the price to learn the core of what we are living our lives for, it’s not likely that we can be effective to lead the assignment forward.

What price have you paid and willing to pay in order to understand the business of your mandate?

Jesus paid the price of leaving His earthly parents for three days in order to be at the business of His Heavenly Father.

Becoming a Lead to Next Leader that will Lead your organization to the Next Level can’t happen without you paying the appropriate price – especially the price of sitting to receive the needed knowledge, listening, asking questions, demonstrating understanding and providing answers.

No lazy person can learn the business of leadership. It requires sacrifice of time, comfort and the familiar. 

Every great leader befriends the unfamiliar at one time or the other, so as to advance their cause, mandate or the organization.

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