Declutter: The Law of a Single Eye in Leadership

Benjamin Suulola
An overcrowded life that scatters a focus is a life that weakens, limits, kills effectiveness and dilutes the purity of purpose and perfection.

In following up our series on Lead to Next: How to take your organization to the next level. I see the need to discuss this important matter on decluttering.

Decluttering is simply the act of removing unnecessary items from an overcrowded place like a home. But much more than a physical place or home, my focus is the life – your life as a leader.

If there is anything that is needed and required urgently in many of us who are called to leadership, it is decluttering.

This sin of cluttering lies in occupying ourselves with so many things that are less important to the main thing we ought to devote ourselves to.

The necessity to remove unnecessary activities, purposeless busyness, mundane things in order to focus on what is important is what many of us need at this time.

An overcrowded life that scatters a focus is a life that weakens, limits, kills effectiveness and dilutes the purity purpose and perfection.

A Leader that refuses to declutter will always be the one to answer the question that God asked in Isaiah 55:2, “Why do you spend money for what is not bread and your wages for what does not satisfy?”

Let’s look at the two questions raised here.

Why Do You Spend Money for What is not Bread?

The question here is challenging a commitment to things that returns no strength in value. Things of no eternal and Kingdom value.

The things that have no lasting fulfillment and reward. That’s what it means to spend money for what is not bread.

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There are many leaders today who have committed themselves, resources and their purchasing power on junk labour, assignment, ministry, business and all kinds of projects that will waste rather than to give them a fulfilling strength.

When you spend your money for what is not bread. It is a wasteful spending. It calls for decluttering your life, organization or ministry.

Why Do You Spend Your Wages for What Does not Satisfy?

The second question is also addressing the use of what is hard-earned on what cannot meet a real need.

There are things that cannot satisfy our longing to fulfil God’s purpose whether in our vocations or callings. These things cannot give us real joy even if they have been able to bring more money, titles, fame and whatever success into our lives. They have no capacity to enrich our soul in terms of spiritual joy.

Whatever that costs us so much to get must not be carelessly spent for what will not truly satisfy us on the longer view of eternal perspective. 

Our life’s purpose, relationship with God and the redeemed life costs Jesus so much to get for us. We cannot afford to spend these for what will not satisfy Christ in our lives.

Based on the two questions we have discussed, the answer is decluttering. We respond to decluttering by yielding ourselves to the law of single eye.

We will discuss more on this law in the next article. But the power of this single eye is what gives us the ability to focus on what commands the greatest strength and satisfaction for our organization and even in our personal lives.

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The law of single eye is a correct state of mind which helps us to declutter in order to focus on what will bring our lives and organizations into full brightness of purpose and performance.

As we look forward to discuss more about this law in the next devotion, I want to ask you personally.

What is taking up your time different from the real assignment you ought to focus on?

What are you spending your time on which is draining you rather than empowering you in your purpose?

What are the areas you need to declutter so that you can be effective on the main assignment you have been given in your organization?