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Life is filled with many thing that we look forward to seeing, wonderful gift; gifts of people, possessions, positions and many desirable things. At the same time, it is filled with ups and downs, hills and valleys, mountains and plains and different seasons of life but it must be known that it is the combinations of these that make the best out of life.

Gifts are desirable. Everybody wants them, especially if they are thing that one needs at that moment. This gift could be physical or intangible but when it comes, it is often embraced  for the reason that it comes not as a result of your labour but due to the willingness and the kindness of the heart of the giver. No matter the size of a gift, it is welcoming, especially when it comes from the heart that is loving and kind. Hence, it is not the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.

It is not the size of the gift that matters but the size of the heart that gives it

On several occasion people had been presented different gifts – houses, clothes, motor car, scholarship, precious gems, books and other material things and to crown it all, our Maker is the Giver of gifts (James 1:17) and He gives unreservedly (James 1:5).

But in addition to the gifts listed, there is a particular gift that comes our way that we often want to avoid and if possible, we want to do without it, but the reality is that every gift has something important to do in our lives and this gift is the Gift of Pain.

While gifts are desirable pains are undesirable. When we go through pain, we feel hurt and confused, disturbed and disorganised. While some pains should be avoided, there are some that should be gladly welcome because of the outcome of such in our lives (Heb. 12:11). He that wants to avoid such a pain cannot avoid the consequences of the avoidance.

A student that does not want to go through the pains of going to classes and studying hard must be ready to welcome failure when it knocks; an entrepreneur that does not want to bear the pains of starting a business and weathering the storms will surely consume his seed of investment before it germinates; a minister of the Gospel that does not want to go through the necessary pains of the ministry will find himself in the category of people like Demas who quit ministry and abandoned faith.

However, it must be clearly understood that every good thing that we are seeing today passed through the process of pain. Remember before gold become attractive it must have gone through fire and the degree of the fire it passed through is what determines it lustre and its price in the market. Indeed anyone that will not leave his comfort zone cannot arrive at his comfort land, in other words journeying from comfort zone to comfort land requires going through the process of pain.

Anyone that will not leave his comfort zone cannot arrive at his comfort land

The Narrative from a Shining Gold

I wish we could approach these gold that we desire and spend fortunes to get and they will have something to tell us about how they were gently sitting in their ore state deep down in the soil, black, dark and uninviting. All of a sudden, they started hearing the sound of digging and terribly discomfiting and discomforting activities were being carried out on them. Shortly, the soil covering them were removed and that was not enough they were being cut in piece and evacuated from their comfort zone.

The narrative from one of the gold continues. From there, they were carried into the factory and brought before the waiting furnace in the processing area called the kiln. The fire was increased and they were pushed into it. The experience in the fire was not very sweet (as narrated).

Pain is necessary. Sometimes it is the teacher that we require to bring out the best out of us, indeed it is a hidden gift of healing and hope ~ Janet Jackson

It was hot and painful in the kiln and as the temperature is increasing so was the pain but after a while, when we examine ourselves we can see the dirt and impurities covering us being removed, indeed when the dross is taken away from the silver, there will be a vessel for the smith (Pro 25:4). We waited and patiently pass through the process in the furnace and here we are shining as everybody can see.

That is the imaginative report of one of the piece of gold that you spend fortune to get. It is always good that we imagine and know that they passed through processes of pains before emerging as the shining gold that can stand the test of times and seasons, and experiences of life.


Every pain is a gift and opportunity just as every disappointment will lead another appointment if properly engaged

Although, Pain is a gift that nobody wants but the reality of it is that it is unavoidable because life is not just about the pain but the result it brings. We will only begin to enjoy the benefits that pains stand to give us when we are seeing it in its true appearance, as a gift.

There is a silent beauty hidden amongst pain, if you will sit in it you may never find it but if you grow through it, you will find the treasure ~ Nickki Rowe

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7 Dynamic Anointing Required to Fulfil Your God-Given Purpose (1)

Fulfilling your God-given purpose in life requires the supernatural. People who achieve great things in life are not strong in themselves. But they are made strong by a force greater than them.

Church in Abuja, Vision, Purpose, Anointing, Benjamin Suulola, Chrisma Church

One major difference between extraordinary people and super-ordinary people is anointing. It takes some level of intelligence, geniuses, skills, advantage, and other exceptional qualities to move from an ordinary class to extraordinary.

But if you are going to move from the class of extraordinary to super-ordinary, you’ll need the supernatural factor – The Anointing.

Anointing is the flow of Holy Spirit’s empowerment that enables ordinary people to do supernatural things. The supernatural current that transforms what is ordinary to super-ordinary. In 1 Samuel 9:16, anointing causes two major things – cause you to Reign and Rule.

That’s why there are many ordinary people everywhere, few extraordinary people and only very few anointed ones.

The anointed always Reign and Rule.

You can’t be anointed and not stand out among the extraordinary people.

But that is not my focus here.

My focus in this post is to bring your attention to the dynamics of anointing that we all need to effectively execute the counsel of God and to fulfill His  purpose in our lifetime.

Dynamics of anointing can help anyone in leadership capacity to effectively fulfill their mandate without any form of self struggle.

Let’s look at these seven dynamics of anointing. We will deal with one out of seven in this article.

Dynamic #1 ~ Anointing for Vision

When Abraham was called by God to come out of his country, the word of The Lord is that He would show him the land (Genesis 12:1). It was a call of vision. Abraham was anointed for vision – ability to see beyond the obvious.

It was this anointing for vision that gave Abraham the confidence to ask Lot, his Nephew to first make his choice when they were to separate.

Then, Lot looked around and saw a land that looked so fascinating and beautiful. He decided to make a choice based on physical sight (Genesis 13:10-11).

But after Lot departed, the Lord spoke to Abraham to look up from where he stood – Abraham was asked to lift up his eyes and look northward, eastward, southward and westward. The Lord said to Abraham that all the land Abraham sees, He would give to him and his seed forever (Genesis 13:14-15).

Abraham made a right choice because he was anointed for vision. But Lot made a wrong choice because he lacked the anointing for vision.

Eventually, Lot was going to lose everything – his wife, son-in laws, properties and all he had laboured for over the years.

In fact, it was the mercy of God through the intercession of Abraham that saved Lot and his two daughters. The angels needed to drag him even while he lingered for him to escape the destruction caused by a vision-less choice.


Imagine what the earth will look like when we have leaders like Abraham. – A man always driven by vision. I like us to consider the principles guiding this anointing for vision from the life of Abraham. These are signs that you can

Principle #1: Ability to See Beyond the Obvious

There’s something common to both Lot and Abraham. That common thing is that they both lifted up their eyes, yet they saw differently. Why? Lot could not see beyond the obvious.

As soon as he lifted up his eyes, it was the plain of Jordan that he saw. It takes extra-eyes to see beyond the plain – the obvious. Visionaries have anointed sight. They have the capacity to see beyond what looks so beautiful. For a visionary, not all that glitters is gold.

Sometimes, when visionaries make a choice, it always look unreasonable to those who lack anointing for vision. The reason is because they are not moved by the plain. They see beyond the obvious. But at the end, the wisdom of their choice will surely be obvious to all.

Principle #2: Ability to Explore or See Wider

Visionaries are explorers. They are extensive, dilated, and broad minded. They consider survey, examine and always investigate options. They don’t make a decision by impulse.

They are people of options, not because of indecision but to make a judgmental decision. They are not one sided. They are not limited. They look everywhere until they are able to see correctly. Abraham was an explorer. He looked round the four cardinals.

Principle #3: Ability to See Afar

Another quality of visionaries anointed for vision is the ability to see afar. This is long-farsightedness. They have overcome myopic and nearsightedness vision. They can see into a far distance.

The Lord told Abraham that “All the land which thou sees, to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever” (Genesis 13:15). So, when it comes to vision, those who are really anointed see all the land. They don’t just limit their sight to the immediate.

Principle #4: Ability to Respond Immediately to the Demand of Vision

As soon as Abraham got the promise of God to fulfill his vision, he responded immediately with action. He relocated. He removed his tenth from the former life to a new demand. He did not linger.

He knew that clear vision requires immediate response if you don’t want to get discouraged. Those who are anointed for vision don’t wait until the grass is green on the other side. They move despite the challenge.

Principle #5: Ability to Dedicate the Vision to God

Those who have anointing for vision are always Worshipers. They always dedicate their God-given vision to the giver Himself. This is a sign of trust, dependence and submission to God.

It means they acknowledge that without the help of God, no vision can be accomplished. Abraham, after he relocated to the place of enlargement, he built there an altar unto The Lord. He renewed his relationship and covenant with God.

It is my prayer that we will be anointed for vision like Abraham.