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Life is filled with many thing that we look forward to seeing, wonderful gift; gifts of people, possessions, positions and many desirable things. At the same time, it is filled with ups and downs, hills and valleys, mountains and plains and different seasons of life but it must be known that it is the combinations of these that make the best out of life.

Gifts are desirable. Everybody wants them, especially if they are thing that one needs at that moment. This gift could be physical or intangible but when it comes, it is often embraced  for the reason that it comes not as a result of your labour but due to the willingness and the kindness of the heart of the giver. No matter the size of a gift, it is welcoming, especially when it comes from the heart that is loving and kind. Hence, it is not the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.

It is not the size of the gift that matters but the size of the heart that gives it

On several occasion people had been presented different gifts – houses, clothes, motor car, scholarship, precious gems, books and other material things and to crown it all, our Maker is the Giver of gifts (James 1:17) and He gives unreservedly (James 1:5).

But in addition to the gifts listed, there is a particular gift that comes our way that we often want to avoid and if possible, we want to do without it, but the reality is that every gift has something important to do in our lives and this gift is the Gift of Pain.

While gifts are desirable pains are undesirable. When we go through pain, we feel hurt and confused, disturbed and disorganised. While some pains should be avoided, there are some that should be gladly welcome because of the outcome of such in our lives (Heb. 12:11). He that wants to avoid such a pain cannot avoid the consequences of the avoidance.

A student that does not want to go through the pains of going to classes and studying hard must be ready to welcome failure when it knocks; an entrepreneur that does not want to bear the pains of starting a business and weathering the storms will surely consume his seed of investment before it germinates; a minister of the Gospel that does not want to go through the necessary pains of the ministry will find himself in the category of people like Demas who quit ministry and abandoned faith.

However, it must be clearly understood that every good thing that we are seeing today passed through the process of pain. Remember before gold become attractive it must have gone through fire and the degree of the fire it passed through is what determines it lustre and its price in the market. Indeed anyone that will not leave his comfort zone cannot arrive at his comfort land, in other words journeying from comfort zone to comfort land requires going through the process of pain.

Anyone that will not leave his comfort zone cannot arrive at his comfort land

The Narrative from a Shining Gold

I wish we could approach these gold that we desire and spend fortunes to get and they will have something to tell us about how they were gently sitting in their ore state deep down in the soil, black, dark and uninviting. All of a sudden, they started hearing the sound of digging and terribly discomfiting and discomforting activities were being carried out on them. Shortly, the soil covering them were removed and that was not enough they were being cut in piece and evacuated from their comfort zone.

The narrative from one of the gold continues. From there, they were carried into the factory and brought before the waiting furnace in the processing area called the kiln. The fire was increased and they were pushed into it. The experience in the fire was not very sweet (as narrated).

Pain is necessary. Sometimes it is the teacher that we require to bring out the best out of us, indeed it is a hidden gift of healing and hope ~ Janet Jackson

It was hot and painful in the kiln and as the temperature is increasing so was the pain but after a while, when we examine ourselves we can see the dirt and impurities covering us being removed, indeed when the dross is taken away from the silver, there will be a vessel for the smith (Pro 25:4). We waited and patiently pass through the process in the furnace and here we are shining as everybody can see.

That is the imaginative report of one of the piece of gold that you spend fortune to get. It is always good that we imagine and know that they passed through processes of pains before emerging as the shining gold that can stand the test of times and seasons, and experiences of life.


Every pain is a gift and opportunity just as every disappointment will lead another appointment if properly engaged

Although, Pain is a gift that nobody wants but the reality of it is that it is unavoidable because life is not just about the pain but the result it brings. We will only begin to enjoy the benefits that pains stand to give us when we are seeing it in its true appearance, as a gift.

There is a silent beauty hidden amongst pain, if you will sit in it you may never find it but if you grow through it, you will find the treasure ~ Nickki Rowe

Following God's Leading

What it Means to Follow God’s Leading

Far too many people don’t take following God’s leading in their lives seriously.

When it comes to Christian Living, God’s leading is everything. It helps us get our lives right and to the right end.

In every aspect, God’s leading is the most important thing required for a successful Christian life.

God’s leading determines what’s according to His will for our lives and help determine a glorious outcome.

How many times we could have taken steps and enters into what is capable of ruining our lives except for the help and intervention of God’s leading?

Until we value God, you won’t value His leading. Until you value His leading, you will not know how absolutely everything about your life depends on it.

Every day, we have the best opportunity to live a fulfilled and victorious life if we value the leading of God.

By following God’s leading, we open our lives to His best for us. Exactly. That’s what following God’s leading accomplishes. It qualifies us for God’s best.

Following God’s leading can be costly. It comes with a price. But what we exchange for that price is priceless.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to come across different people who I discovered were negligent about following God’s leading – in their personal lives, marriage, career and ministry. They would not listen to anything God has laid down as regards various aspects of living.

One testimony I have about these people is that they always cut themselves in the leg. I have never seen them lived wonderful, peaceful, victorious and overcoming lives that Christians are ordained to have.

In the other way, I have seen those who have followed God’s leading concerning their lives remain progressive in the life worth living.

You will never experience your best life without following God’s leading.

Refusal to Follow God’s Leading Catches Up With You!

Every time we refuse to follow God’s leading due to any reason or the other, we surrender ourselves to a life of defeat and struggle.

In fact for young people, it is far better to have settled this matter earlier than to be looking for ways to make it up when you reach adulthood stage.

Those who follow God’s leading from their youthful days have set themselves for a great future that no education on this earth can surpass.

Life is full of enormous pressures. Only those who submit themselves to following God’s leading can remain undefeated.

What Does God’s Leading Entails?

  1. Follow After God

Many people don’t understand the principle of following God’s leading. The first matter is to take the position of a follower, not the leader!

Those who follow God’s leading don’t go ahead of God. They follow after Him ( Exodus 13:21).

2. Follow After the Sent One of God

Following God’s leading is about following the One He has Sent and Approved for everyone to follow. Jesus is the Only One who qualifies for this. He was sent and approved by God for our followership. Anyone who follow Jesus is absolutely following God (John 14:6, Revelation 7:17).

3. Follow ONLY God’s Leading

Many people have adulterated the principle of following God’s leading. They don’t allow God alone to lead them. They follow God’s leading when they desire and other things at the same time.

But the principle of following God’s leading is that there must not be strange god with us as we follow God (Deuteronomy 32:12).

4. Follow by Discipline

Only the disciplined Christian will successfully follow God’s leading. That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-14 that only few people respond to the way of God’s leading. Why? The price entails discipline.

5. Follow Willingly

God will never lead the stubborn. He leads only the humble.

When it comes to God’s leading, Jesus takes the identity of the Lamb, not the Lion (Revelation 7:17).

Choose God’s Leading from Today!

Have you been following God’s leading in your life? If you are not, you have been missing out in the best that God has prepared for you.

The Holy Spirit is calling you today.

The Spirit of the Lord and His Word are His basic tools. If you respond to start following His leading from today, it will not just change your life here. It is going to make an eternal positive difference in every aspect of your life.