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Declutter: The Law of a Single Eye in Leadership

Benjamin Suulola
An overcrowded life that scatters a focus is a life that weakens, limits, kills effectiveness and dilutes the purity of purpose and perfection.

In following up our series on Lead to Next: How to take your organization to the next level. I see the need to discuss this important matter on decluttering.

Decluttering is simply the act of removing unnecessary items from an overcrowded place like a home. But much more than a physical place or home, my focus is the life – your life as a leader.

If there is anything that is needed and required urgently in many of us who are called to leadership, it is decluttering.

This sin of cluttering lies in occupying ourselves with so many things that are less important to the main thing we ought to devote ourselves to.

The necessity to remove unnecessary activities, purposeless busyness, mundane things in order to focus on what is important is what many of us need at this time.

An overcrowded life that scatters a focus is a life that weakens, limits, kills effectiveness and dilutes the purity purpose and perfection.

A Leader that refuses to declutter will always be the one to answer the question that God asked in Isaiah 55:2, “Why do you spend money for what is not bread and your wages for what does not satisfy?”

Let’s look at the two questions raised here.

Why Do You Spend Money for What is not Bread?

The question here is challenging a commitment to things that returns no strength in value. Things of no eternal and Kingdom value.

The things that have no lasting fulfillment and reward. That’s what it means to spend money for what is not bread.

There are many leaders today who have committed themselves, resources and their purchasing power on junk labour, assignment, ministry, business and all kinds of projects that will waste rather than to give them a fulfilling strength.

When you spend your money for what is not bread. It is a wasteful spending. It calls for decluttering your life, organization or ministry.

Why Do You Spend Your Wages for What Does not Satisfy?

The second question is also addressing the use of what is hard-earned on what cannot meet a real need.

There are things that cannot satisfy our longing to fulfil God’s purpose whether in our vocations or callings. These things cannot give us real joy even if they have been able to bring more money, titles, fame and whatever success into our lives. They have no capacity to enrich our soul in terms of spiritual joy.

Whatever that costs us so much to get must not be carelessly spent for what will not truly satisfy us on the longer view of eternal perspective. 

Our life’s purpose, relationship with God and the redeemed life costs Jesus so much to get for us. We cannot afford to spend these for what will not satisfy Christ in our lives.

Based on the two questions we have discussed, the answer is decluttering. We respond to decluttering by yielding ourselves to the law of single eye.

We will discuss more on this law in the next article. But the power of this single eye is what gives us the ability to focus on what commands the greatest strength and satisfaction for our organization and even in our personal lives.

The law of single eye is a correct state of mind which helps us to declutter in order to focus on what will bring our lives and organizations into full brightness of purpose and performance.

As we look forward to discuss more about this law in the next devotion, I want to ask you personally.

What is taking up your time different from the real assignment you ought to focus on?

What are you spending your time on which is draining you rather than empowering you in your purpose?

What are the areas you need to declutter so that you can be effective on the main assignment you have been given in your organization?

Lead to Next: Taking Your Organization to the Next Level (5)

You Can’t Do Great Things Alone!

Taking assignment God has committed to your hand to the next level depend on knowing, believing, understanding and accepting that you can’t do great things alone.

Great things comes out of great collaboration and partnership. 

This is the kind of spirit everyone who wants to make a significant difference in any organization must have. We must learn to uphold the philosophy of combining strengths.

Combining strengths of two makes for a powerful force. It is the way of getting things done beyond the ordinary. It is the power that can take every organization to the next level it ought to be.

The Idea of Collaboration is of God

God began the idea of partnership and collaboration at creation. He said it is not good for a man to be alone. He made an help meet for his needs. But the power which God wants to draw out of this idea would only be realized by the coming together of both man and woman to become one.

Great things happen when people come together to work as One.

There is so much power in understanding that you can’t do Great things alone. This force when it is fully understood and applied will take an organization to the next level.

How much of this force are we applying in the organization or mission we are serving presently?

Jesus demonstrates the supernatural power of the force of collaboration in the flesh and at His Glorified state. He established His Oneness with the Father, His dependence on the continued partnership with the Holy Spirit and collaboration with the Church as His Body.

Every wise leader uses the Force of Collaboration and Partnership to move an organization to the Next Level.

What are the Principles that Makes Collaborative Spirit Effective 

  1. Principle of Personal Boundaries

Collaborative spirit that makes great things possible begins when we all understand that we are not absolute in everything. Leaders who takes organizations to the next level have understanding of their personal boundaries in giftedness and abilities. This awareness makes them to appreciate the necessity of the roles of other co-labourers around them.

2. Principle of Expanded and Extended Reach

Collaborative spirit makes expansion easy and possible. Many organizations are limited presently because there is no collaboration that can facilitate expansion beyond the present reach. When Jesus commissioned His collaborative partners to begin at Jerusalem and expand to the uttermost part of the earth, He relied on the force of collaborative spirit.

3. Principle of Movement instead of Monument

Collaborative spirit is focused on one thing and that’s movement. Great things happen when no one is trying to build a name around self. This is movement. The motive behind monument is the selfish desire to seek great things for self. Movement seek great things for the Glory of God and the fulfillment of the vision of the organization.

4. Principle of Iron-Sharpening-Iron

Collaborative spirit that makes great things happen draws from one another, strengthens the assignment of one another and helps one another to stretch beyond what individual limits will go.

It is important to know that collaborative spirit thrives within an organization where right spirit is the rule. No organization will successfully move to the next where there is deception, hypocrisy, wrong spirit and lack of genuine love among the team. 

Here is the bottom line. When it comes to leadership, you can’t do great things alone and you can’t do great things without the right people.

Leadership Quotes on Organization

Power of Prophetic Declaration


Prophetic declaration is a powerful force that can move your life to the next level that you desire. But it cannot be real to you except you understand its operations.

Prophetic has a dimension you need to be aware of. Truly, prophets operates under the influence of the Holy Spirit. They speak what they hear from the Lord or what they have been inspired to say. But you don’t need to have the gift of prophecy before you can engage prophetic declaration.

The force of prophetic declaration can be applied when you discover the revelation in God’s word and your mouth becomes a channel by which you speak it out by faith.

Understanding the Force of Prophetic Declaration

When you have the understanding of how to engage prophetic declaration, it becomes real to your life. Meanwhile, to operate in the supernatural is to operate above the natural, you operate in the realm that the natural cannot understand when you declare God’s word under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

     Force of Prophetic Declaration can therefore be defined as the way God supernaturally intervenes in the affairs of life when we speak as He commands.


How to Become a Spiritual Commander


Let me explain further. Sometime ago, the Lord spoke to me about the issue of command. To command simply means to order, exercise supreme authority over a particular situation just as it is done in military. Command also means to demand, to have within sight, range, influence or control.

So, command is about setting in motion a sequence of operations by giving out an order. In other words, command is not carried out until it is spoken or given out. Every time you speak as you are commanded by God you become a commander. You act in delegated authority on behalf of God.

From Dry bones to an Exceedingly Great Army

God’s word is God’s command. When you give it out under the influence of the Spirit of God, it becomes a force that set things in motion for you.  From the story in Ezekiel 37:1-14, we can see that no matter how bad a situation is, it takes a prophetic declaration by faith under the influence of the Holy Spirit to turn it around for good.

When the spirit of God moves you to speak, you operate in the prophetic.

Our lives are tied to our mouths. Whatever comes out of our mouth determines what comes out of our lives. All we have experienced so far is the product of what we have declared concerning our lives so far.

Speaking positive confessions by speaking the promises in God’s word will change your life and move your destiny to the next level.

Leading Organizations

Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (4)

Chrisma Blog

Everything is Made Strong from the Inside Out

We are in the fourth part of the series Lead to Next. I will be dealing with the matter of taking your organization to the next level by leveraging on the Strength from Your Inside. I believe this will apply not only to those who lead organizations but also to every other aspect of our lives.

Everything is Made Strong from the Inside Out

This is the law that upholds everything both in life and leadership. It is important to understand this law if we are going to be people who takes who we are and what we do to the next level.

Let’s look at the things that surround this important law in the light of Leading an Organization to the Next Level.

  1. The Leader Must Be Strong from the Inside Out

If you are a leader, your strength should not be defined by your outward appearance. It must come from your inside. Strong leaders are not people who can just talk or appear tough. They are people who are tough in principle, thinking, values and character.

As much as our appearance speaks volume about us, it should not be used to measure the capacity of our strength.

The leaders who will lead and take their organizations to the next level are strengthened in their inner man.

They have strong appearance from the inside out. Their strength flows from within. They have built their inner lives beyond what external pressures can control and crush. They have the power to stand against adversities and the power to advance in the face of pressures.

How do you become someone who is strong from the inside out?

It is by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The Power of the Holy Spirit is not about the manifestations of Him in the Church gathering. This power gives us strength from within and makes us strong from the inside out to carry out difficult tasks, do the extraordinary, face the pressures that comes with our assignment and enables us to become the Lead to Next Leaders.

Those who can pray for the grant of this power will be strengthened from within no matter what they need to face in leading their organization to the next level.

2. The Organization Must Be Strong From the Inside Out

Leaders must build their organizations from the inside out. In the bid to beat competitions or to attain greatness, there is always the tendency of building your organization from the outside. I will explain the difference between the two.

Those who build their organizations from the outside uses materials like programmes, packaging, slogans, solo leadership, hiring experts and many other external methods. But those who build their organizations from the inside build PEOPLE. They build other LEADERS. They focus on developing those who are inside and make them strong.

The issue about this is TIME. It takes time to develop, grow, transform and make new leaders. Those who don’t have a Bigger View cannot do this. They always resort to the first option that is easy but takes the organization no where.

The most important thing you can do to build your organization and to lead to the next level is to BUILD PEOPLE. Your People. This is how organizations become strong from the inside out.

The two factors that I raised here are the strong examples that JESUS demonstrated and handed over to the Church as the way to Lead the Spiritual Organism, His Church to the next level.

  1. Jesus is strong from the Inside Out
  2. Jesus Builds the Church that is Strong from the Inside Out.

If we can approach our lives and leadership in the same way, nothing will stop us from leading to the next level that we ought to be.

Business of Leadership

Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (3)

Leadership is the business of how to turn ideas into reality

We are going to focus on some more deeper issues in the third part of this article on how you can become a Lead to Next Leader. If you have not read the first and second parts of this article, you can quickly do that now.

Lead to Next: Leading Your Organization to the Next Level (Part 1) and (Part 2)

While I began to meditate and research more into what makes the Lead to Next Leaders, I discovered this quality makes a huge difference.

Leading your organization to the Next Level, whether in the Church, business or whatever profession you are engaged will require diligent commitment to mastering this quality.

The Quality of Learning the Business of Leadership

One of the reasons for ineffectiveness among many leaders is their lack of understanding of the business of their leadership. This understanding is important for you to become a leader who can lead your organization to the next level.

In Luke 2:49, Jesus shows us that leadership has its business dimension.

Leaders must be in the Business of their Leadership. That’s more important than any other thing a leader will later commit himself to.

The business of leadership here is not about sales or marketing. What Jesus describes as the business of leadership is the core of the assignment or the main thing about a leader’s assignment.

This is where a leader must always be and must often be found.

When apostle Paul described himself in Philippians 3:13 as a person of “One thing I do,” he was simply talking as a leader who understood the business of his leadership mandate.

Do you know the business of your leadership?

If you are a departmental leader in a ministry or the organization where you serve presently, do you know the business of your leadership assignment?

When you look into the life of Jesus, He showed us an example that we must locate and study around the business of our leadership assignment. Jesus took out three days to SIT among the teachers, LISTENING to them, ASKING questions and providing ANSWERS.

If we are going to Learn the Business of our Leadership Assignment, we must take out time to also do these three things.





If we can’t pay the price to learn the core of what we are living our lives for, it’s not likely that we can be effective to lead the assignment forward.

What price have you paid and willing to pay in order to understand the business of your mandate?

Jesus paid the price of leaving His earthly parents for three days in order to be at the business of His Heavenly Father.

Becoming a Lead to Next Leader that will Lead your organization to the Next Level can’t happen without you paying the appropriate price – especially the price of sitting to receive the needed knowledge, listening, asking questions, demonstrating understanding and providing answers.

No lazy person can learn the business of leadership. It requires sacrifice of time, comfort and the familiar. 

Every great leader befriends the unfamiliar at one time or the other, so as to advance their cause, mandate or the organization.