7 Signs You Are Called By God (2)

“Life without purpose is like a body without soul”

I like to appreciate everyone following our articles.

Nothing ignites more fire in a writer than knowing you are making great impact in people who simply chose to believe you have something to offer.

Thanks for believing in me. I trust God that together we will live to become our ultimate best in life which is my own assignment that I’ve been called into.

I wish to conclude our discussion on the signs that you are called to an assignment.

Here are 3 more signs you must not ignore to know you are called to an assignment.

~ Personal drive

Whenever you are moved to give your best to a particular task without waiting to be moved, pushed, encouraged or motivated by external push, it’s likely you have found an assignment.

When you discover your life assignment, the inner fire automatically results to inner drive.

You are inspired from your inside.

~ Failure Looks Like a Woe to You

Sometime ago, I was engaging certain group of people in a discussion about the woes of an unfulfilled living. But to my surprise, it didn’t move them an inch.

Then, the Lord spoke to me that my words did not move them because they are yet to discover their life assignment.

Paul said, “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for necessity is laid upon me; yea woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel” (1Corinthians 9:16).

You have found your calling when you get to a point in life that you keep having this burden in your heart, that if you fail to pursue that vision, your life will make no meaning.

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~ Joy in Suffering

Not many people can rejoice in suffering like Paul. During the time he was imprisoned and incarcerated by the Roman government for the sake of the Gospel, he was never dejected.

He was still sending words of encouragement to others who had the freedom to walk around.

That’s a sign to know that a man has found his calling…when he can still rejoice in his suffering for the sake of fulfilling his life purpose.

Now, what about you?

Do you have personal drive towards a particular assignment in your life?

Do you see failure in what you are doing or about to do as a terrible woes?

Do you still rejoice in the midst of your suffering?

If yes, you need to prayerfully consider those signs.

Don’t ignore the reality starring at you in the face.

Your generation is waiting for your manifestation.

Stand up and start living your original life.

You will succeed.