7 Signs You are Called by God (1)

Most times we get confused about something we feel we should be doing with our lives. This happens almost to everyone with a destiny call to a higher life.

Purpose, Calling and Assignment

We all have our space in life, but until you have found and occupied your space, life is nothing but a place of frustration.

So, I like to share with you the basic signs that shows you are called to an assignment that will elicit your personal fulfillment in life.

~ Inward Fire

Have you been burning within for a particular cause, organization, ministry or crusade?

In fact, the more you feel like containing, forbearing and controlling it, the more the fire burns as if it has been shut up in your bones?

It is obvious that God is calling you to undertake that assignment.

When you see an inward fire burning, it cannot make you stay at ease (see Jeremiah 20:9) until you respond to the call.

~ Soul Tie

Has your soul departed from what you are doing now although you seems to have enjoyed it before?

But now it seems your soul is tied to the thought of that project and assignment beyond what you can put off.

It can be a sign that you have a call to that Assignment.

~ Sense of Urgency

Do you know that the urge to haste and sense of urgency you keep having to intervene in correcting issues affecting the society is not just natural?

When what makes other people sleep keeps you awake every night, it is a sign that you are called into that assignment.

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~ Sense of Importance

Just as I mentioned about what keeps you awake, it makes other people sleep because it has no importance to them as it seems to you.

When what looks imperative to you does not touch the heart of others around you, it’s a beckoning sign that you have a call to that assignment.

Change Point

So, do you have inward fire burning, a soul tie, sense of urgency and importance for something?

May be you need to think again and clarify those things or the One Thing.

Your life assignment may be waiting there.

In the words of Kwang Rhee “We are not in difficulty because of the situation; things become difficult because of the mindset that we have towards the situation

This is time to reset your mind about the signs you have been having lately.