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7 Dynamic Anointing Required to Fulfil Your God-Given Purpose (1)

Fulfilling your God-given purpose in life requires the supernatural. People who achieve great things in life are not strong in themselves. But they are made strong by a force greater than them.

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One major difference between extraordinary people and super-ordinary people is anointing. It takes some level of intelligence, geniuses, skills, advantage, and other exceptional qualities to move from an ordinary class to extraordinary.

But if you are going to move from the class of extraordinary to super-ordinary, you’ll need the supernatural factor – The Anointing.

Anointing is the flow of Holy Spirit’s empowerment that enables ordinary people to do supernatural things. The supernatural current that transforms what is ordinary to super-ordinary. In 1 Samuel 9:16, anointing causes two major things – cause you to Reign and Rule.

That’s why there are many ordinary people everywhere, few extraordinary people and only very few anointed ones.

The anointed always Reign and Rule.

You can’t be anointed and not stand out among the extraordinary people.

But that is not my focus here.

My focus in this post is to bring your attention to the dynamics of anointing that we all need to effectively execute the counsel of God and to fulfill His  purpose in our lifetime.

Dynamics of anointing can help anyone in leadership capacity to effectively fulfill their mandate without any form of self struggle.

Let’s look at these seven dynamics of anointing. We will deal with one out of seven in this article.

Dynamic #1 ~ Anointing for Vision

When Abraham was called by God to come out of his country, the word of The Lord is that He would show him the land (Genesis 12:1). It was a call of vision. Abraham was anointed for vision – ability to see beyond the obvious.

It was this anointing for vision that gave Abraham the confidence to ask Lot, his Nephew to first make his choice when they were to separate.

Then, Lot looked around and saw a land that looked so fascinating and beautiful. He decided to make a choice based on physical sight (Genesis 13:10-11).

But after Lot departed, the Lord spoke to Abraham to look up from where he stood – Abraham was asked to lift up his eyes and look northward, eastward, southward and westward. The Lord said to Abraham that all the land Abraham sees, He would give to him and his seed forever (Genesis 13:14-15).

Abraham made a right choice because he was anointed for vision. But Lot made a wrong choice because he lacked the anointing for vision.

Eventually, Lot was going to lose everything – his wife, son-in laws, properties and all he had laboured for over the years.

In fact, it was the mercy of God through the intercession of Abraham that saved Lot and his two daughters. The angels needed to drag him even while he lingered for him to escape the destruction caused by a vision-less choice.


Imagine what the earth will look like when we have leaders like Abraham. – A man always driven by vision. I like us to consider the principles guiding this anointing for vision from the life of Abraham. These are signs that you can

Principle #1: Ability to See Beyond the Obvious

There’s something common to both Lot and Abraham. That common thing is that they both lifted up their eyes, yet they saw differently. Why? Lot could not see beyond the obvious.

As soon as he lifted up his eyes, it was the plain of Jordan that he saw. It takes extra-eyes to see beyond the plain – the obvious. Visionaries have anointed sight. They have the capacity to see beyond what looks so beautiful. For a visionary, not all that glitters is gold.

Sometimes, when visionaries make a choice, it always look unreasonable to those who lack anointing for vision. The reason is because they are not moved by the plain. They see beyond the obvious. But at the end, the wisdom of their choice will surely be obvious to all.

Principle #2: Ability to Explore or See Wider

Visionaries are explorers. They are extensive, dilated, and broad minded. They consider survey, examine and always investigate options. They don’t make a decision by impulse.

They are people of options, not because of indecision but to make a judgmental decision. They are not one sided. They are not limited. They look everywhere until they are able to see correctly. Abraham was an explorer. He looked round the four cardinals.

Principle #3: Ability to See Afar

Another quality of visionaries anointed for vision is the ability to see afar. This is long-farsightedness. They have overcome myopic and nearsightedness vision. They can see into a far distance.

The Lord told Abraham that “All the land which thou sees, to thee will I give it and to thy seed forever” (Genesis 13:15). So, when it comes to vision, those who are really anointed see all the land. They don’t just limit their sight to the immediate.

Principle #4: Ability to Respond Immediately to the Demand of Vision

As soon as Abraham got the promise of God to fulfill his vision, he responded immediately with action. He relocated. He removed his tenth from the former life to a new demand. He did not linger.

He knew that clear vision requires immediate response if you don’t want to get discouraged. Those who are anointed for vision don’t wait until the grass is green on the other side. They move despite the challenge.

Principle #5: Ability to Dedicate the Vision to God

Those who have anointing for vision are always Worshipers. They always dedicate their God-given vision to the giver Himself. This is a sign of trust, dependence and submission to God.

It means they acknowledge that without the help of God, no vision can be accomplished. Abraham, after he relocated to the place of enlargement, he built there an altar unto The Lord. He renewed his relationship and covenant with God.

It is my prayer that we will be anointed for vision like Abraham.

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7 Signs You Are Called By God (2)

“Life without purpose is like a body without soul”

I like to appreciate everyone following our articles.

Nothing ignites more fire in a writer than knowing you are making great impact in people who simply chose to believe you have something to offer.

Thanks for believing in me. I trust God that together we will live to become our ultimate best in life which is my own assignment that I’ve been called into.

I wish to conclude our discussion on the signs that you are called to an assignment.

Here are 3 more signs you must not ignore to know you are called to an assignment.

~ Personal drive

Whenever you are moved to give your best to a particular task without waiting to be moved, pushed, encouraged or motivated by external push, it’s likely you have found an assignment.

When you discover your life assignment, the inner fire automatically results to inner drive.

You are inspired from your inside.

~ Failure Looks Like a Woe to You

Sometime ago, I was engaging certain group of people in a discussion about the woes of an unfulfilled living. But to my surprise, it didn’t move them an inch.

Then, the Lord spoke to me that my words did not move them because they are yet to discover their life assignment.

Paul said, “For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of; for necessity is laid upon me; yea woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel” (1Corinthians 9:16).

You have found your calling when you get to a point in life that you keep having this burden in your heart, that if you fail to pursue that vision, your life will make no meaning.

~ Joy in Suffering

Not many people can rejoice in suffering like Paul. During the time he was imprisoned and incarcerated by the Roman government for the sake of the Gospel, he was never dejected.

He was still sending words of encouragement to others who had the freedom to walk around.

That’s a sign to know that a man has found his calling…when he can still rejoice in his suffering for the sake of fulfilling his life purpose.

Now, what about you?

Do you have personal drive towards a particular assignment in your life?

Do you see failure in what you are doing or about to do as a terrible woes?

Do you still rejoice in the midst of your suffering?

If yes, you need to prayerfully consider those signs.

Don’t ignore the reality starring at you in the face.

Your generation is waiting for your manifestation.

Stand up and start living your original life.

You will succeed.

7 Signs You are Called by God (1)

Most times we get confused about something we feel we should be doing with our lives. This happens almost to everyone with a destiny call to a higher life.

Purpose, Calling and Assignment

We all have our space in life, but until you have found and occupied your space, life is nothing but a place of frustration.

So, I like to share with you the basic signs that shows you are called to an assignment that will elicit your personal fulfillment in life.

~ Inward Fire

Have you been burning within for a particular cause, organization, ministry or crusade?

In fact, the more you feel like containing, forbearing and controlling it, the more the fire burns as if it has been shut up in your bones?

It is obvious that God is calling you to undertake that assignment.

When you see an inward fire burning, it cannot make you stay at ease (see Jeremiah 20:9) until you respond to the call.

~ Soul Tie

Has your soul departed from what you are doing now although you seems to have enjoyed it before?

But now it seems your soul is tied to the thought of that project and assignment beyond what you can put off.

It can be a sign that you have a call to that Assignment.

~ Sense of Urgency

Do you know that the urge to haste and sense of urgency you keep having to intervene in correcting issues affecting the society is not just natural?

When what makes other people sleep keeps you awake every night, it is a sign that you are called into that assignment.

~ Sense of Importance

Just as I mentioned about what keeps you awake, it makes other people sleep because it has no importance to them as it seems to you.

When what looks imperative to you does not touch the heart of others around you, it’s a beckoning sign that you have a call to that assignment.

Change Point

So, do you have inward fire burning, a soul tie, sense of urgency and importance for something?

May be you need to think again and clarify those things or the One Thing.

Your life assignment may be waiting there.

In the words of Kwang Rhee “We are not in difficulty because of the situation; things become difficult because of the mindset that we have towards the situation

This is time to reset your mind about the signs you have been having lately.